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Who We Are

The Australian Tea Cultural Society(AUSTCS) is an organisation that runs events to support the development of tea culture in Australia.

Our vision

To promote a distinctive Australian tea culture at a local and international level.


Our mission

To identify the cultural foundation of tea consumption in Australia and bring together the tea community to foster its development until it is recognised and accepted in Australia and abroad.


Our values

  • We recognise that the tea industry cannot exist without the tea community.

  • We understand that tea culture is a combination of society, industry and education and seek to address these elements in our mission.

  • We endeavour to achieve our vision for the whole tea community, without favour.

Australia is possibly the world’s most multicultural country and, many would say, the most multiculturally successful community. Australian styles and cultures have been adopted, appropriated and tweaked in other realms, such as food, wine, beer and coffee, which have come from a wide variety of countries and the cultural backgrounds of the people who now call Australia home. Where does tea fit in?

Our People

The Australian tea community comprises not just of tea businesses but enthusiasts, growers and producers, members of the hospitality industry, representatives from the education sector and those from the traditional and alternative health professions.

We consider our people, anyone and everyone who believes in a vibrant future for tea consumption in Australia.


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