Ceramic Cup Competition 2020


Proposals for Ceramic Cups to be used in the ‘Welcome by Tea’ ritual at the 2020 Australian Tea Cultural Seminar

Submissions for the 2020 Australian Tea Cultural Seminar ceramic cup open in February! 


We invite potter submissions for the design and subsequent production of a ceramic cup to be used in the ‘Welcome by Tea’ ritual of the 4th Australian Tea Cultural Seminar held in Brisbane on 29-30 August 2020. 

Who are Australian Tea Cultural Seminar (AUSTCS)?
The Australian Tea Cultural Seminar (AUSTCS) is an organisation that runs events to support the development of tea culture in Australia. Our vision is to promote a distinctive Australian tea culture at a local and international level. We endeavour to achieve this by bringing together the tea community to foster its development until it is recognised and accepted in Australia and

What is the ‘Welcome by Tea’ ritual?
Welcome by Tea is an opening ceremony ritual performed by volunteer tea brewers to greet seminar delegates. Brewers select a tea that reflects their personality or business and invite delegates to sit and enjoy drinking from the gift cups provided by AUSTCS.


  • Potter to be commissioned to produce approximately 50 cups (need to have capacity to produce 100 if required) to be showcased during ‘The Welcome by Tea’ ritual for the 4th annual Seminar.  

  • Open to all artists who are residents of Australia

  • National media coverage

  • The 2020 Seminar attracted tea enthusiast and tea industry members both nationally and internationally 

  • Artist opportunities include artist talks, interviews, networking and attendance at the 2020 Australian Tea Cultural Seminar as well as involvement in the Welcome by Tea ritual.


Submissions close 3 April 2020. Ceramic Cup winner to be announced 30 April 2020. Cups to be completed and delivered by 2 August 2020

Your submission
The ceramic cup

  • The cup needs to be fully functional capable of holding hot tea (100˚C) 

  • The volume of the cup needs to measure approximately 80ml capacity (+/-10% variation) capacity

  • The size and dimensions of the cup are to fit within a box with internal measurements of 8cm (H) X 8cm (L) X 8cm (W)

  • The cup is to incorporate ‘Australian Tea Cultural Seminar 2020’ or ‘AUSTCS 2020’ into the design. This year sample entries must show on the sample produced this element. Cups that have not included this will not be considered. 

  • The winning submission will be required to produce approximately 50-60 cups (but have the capabilities to produce 100 if required) to be completed by 31 July 2020. The exact number will be confirmed at the time of notifying the winning proposal. 

  • A sample of the ceramic cup is to be submitted with your written proposal 

  • The budgeted production cost for each cup must be included within your written proposal. The cost of each ceramic cup costs should not exceed $20

  • The submission needs to be accompanied by the submission form submitted via the AUSTCS website at https://www.austcs.org/cup-competition.

Please submit all images of the Ceramic cups to info@austcs.org

Terms and conditions

The shape of the ceramic cup is the choice of the artist. The type of clay to be used is the choice of the artist. The colour, glaze and finish of the ceramic cup is the choice of the artist. There are no preferences for a handled or non-handled cup. The artist may choose to design a single cup or a collection of cups as part of their proposal.


The submission will be awarded to the potter that best meets the requirements as judged by an appointed panel of judges. 


The cost of freight to Brisbane for the initial submission will be at the artists expense. The location where the final cups produced by the awarded artist will be confirmed. AUSTCS will investigate the options for transportation to this location and any shipping costs will be to the expense of AUSTCS.


Joint submissions are allowed but all artists need to be properly acknowledged in the submission.


Your ceramic cup will be used in the ‘Welcome by Tea’ ritual and your proposal should be comprehensive and include the required information outlined below. Should your submission not include this important documentation it may be deemed non-conforming and may not be eligible for consideration. 


The sample cups will be returned to the artist on completion of the judging. 


An online submission form must be received by 3 April 2020. We will be accepting the sample cups via post through to the 10 April. The address will be sent to you once you have completed your online submission.


Your submission must include a completed work and should include clear and comprehensive support documentation including:


  • the shape, dimension and capacity of the ceramic cup

  • the clay to be used

  • Suitability for dishwashing and cleaning and any specific care instructions

  • Budgeted cost per cup


Further information on the Australian Tea Cultural Seminar can be found online at www.austcs.org