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AUSTCS Mail, find below an archive of our past newsletters.
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Tea on trend in Tasmania

Tea by the sea in Hobart

Tea gems from Ceylon

Postcard from Sri Lanka

How to change Australia's tea culture

Making a standard cup of tea

Harumi Preso.jpg

Taking tea in Melbourne

AUSTCS thanks Melbourne – and you

Tea baton passes from Sydney to Melbourne

Five years of the Sydney Tea Festival

The making of a champion tea

A honeypot of black gold


The Book of Tea and other stories

Long live leaves

Calming the storm in a teacup

A gift of the GABA

Tea: an origin story

A taste of Chinese tea culture

Happy new tea!

Tomb-sweeping and tea reaping

On Tuesdays we have tea

Why Tuesday should be Teasday

For the love of tea

Why tea is the perfect Valentine gift

Green tea and Mount Fuji

Postcard from Japan

Who is the mother of tea?

Searching for Mother Tea

Forget biscuits, tea lifted
Anzac spirits

Make tea not war

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