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Melbourne 2018

Reinforcing our Commitment

It began, as every gathering should, with tea. After The Savoy Hotel’s art deco foyer embraced this year’s cohort for a group photo, AUSTCS delegates sat down and enjoyed the unboxing of the 2018 cup by ceramicist Annemieke Mulders. It provided an important focal point for our opening ceremony, ‘Welcome by Tea’, with tea at each table selected and served by volunteer brewers.

AUSTCS 2018 at The Savoy Hotel, Melbourne

The Australian Tea Cultural Seminar 2018 was hosted at The Savoy Hotel, Melbourne. A part of the Vibe hotel group, this 1920’s heritage hotel has recently undergone a full refurbishment. Built in 1926, much of it’s art deco charm has been restored to its former glory as part of the extensive refurbishment.

On the corner of Spencer and Little Collins streets The Savoy Hotel is an easy venue for both locals and those travelling inter-state. Its close-proximity to Southern Cross Station makes it ideal for those travelling to the seminar from various parts of Australia.


Catch up on all the action from the
2018 Australian Tea Cultural Seminar

Our Sponsors 2018



For the second year running DōMatcha have been backed AUSTCS and are a sponsor of AUSTCS Melbourne 2018.


Dō (pronounced ‘doh’) is the Japanese symbol for ‘way’ or ‘journey’. DōMatcha means ‘The Way of Matcha’. Discovering the way of matcha is a journey well worth taking; a journey that brings people together in celebration of health and the simple beauty of life. We invite you to share in our journey and discover DōMatcha!

DōMatcha® is 100% authentic Japanese matcha, directly from Kagoshima and Uji, Kyoto. This is where matcha originated and where the most premium quality matcha is produced. Our supplier is based in Uji, Kyoto and has been in the tea business for 300 years. Our brand is also supported by the famous Japanese tea master Mr. Kazunori Handa, whose family has been in the tea business for 400 years.

DōMatcha® is cultivated, harvested and processed very carefully every step of the way to keep it fresh and rich in flavour, the Japanese way! Very little machinery is used in the process to assure top quality and to stay true to the ancient roots of Matcha.

Find out more at



For the second year running 18ThirtyFour have been backed AUSTCS and are a proud sponsor of AUSTCS Melbourne 2018.


On Christmas Eve of 1834, after much discussion and deliberation, notification was sent from the Botanical Gardens of Kolkata board to the Governor General of India confirming that a new variety of plant grew wild in the upper reaches of the Assam valley. Camellia sinensis – the humble tea plant – would go on to incite the Indian tea trade and industry that would help sculpt the British Empire.


18ThirtyFour is a consulting, promotional, and educational company for the tea trade with emphasis on Indian tea, but foundations firmly in all things tea. Owner and operator David Lyons, formed 18ThirtyFour in April 2014 after seventeen years of tea experience – a culmination of wholesale and retail. Just short of ten years wholesaling loose leaf teas to some of Australia’s finest hotels, restaurants, cafes and corporate clients, followed by an eight year stint in high street retailing, as Regional Manager for Australian based company The Tea Centre. With this experience, passion for tea’s history and a strong connection to Indian teas, 18ThirtyFour is the natural progression for David – a platform to share his love of all things tea!

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Speakers 2018


Chloe Liang

China's new tea culture revolution

China has the longest history of tea cultivation in the world, but in the past few decades globalisation has changed the way tea is consumed by new generations. Chloe Liang, Deputy Director of the China International Tea Culture Institute (CITCI), will address how the friction between tradition and modernisation is reshaping China's tea culture.


Chloe's depth of knowledge and breadth of experience begins with her degree from Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University. She also has formal credentials as a tea taster, judge and Certified Tea Ceremony Master, and is the Vice Principal of the Zhejiang Huayun Vocational and Technical School. Her special interest in tea education sees her teach tea ceremony to schoolchildren.


In her CITCI role she has travelled to all of China's tea-producing regions as well as Japan, Korea, Italy and the USA.


Jeni Dodd

The Art of Tea

How does a Kansas born-and-raised lawyer become a globetrotting tea and art aficionado? When Jeni Dodd met a cup of Earl Grey in London, it was love at first sight, the start of a lifelong relationship with tea. The New York attorney then began an atypical career, founding Jeni's Tea and becoming a Certified Tea Specialist through the Specialty Tea Institute and a Certified Tea Master via the International Tea Masters Association, all while travelling and learning directly from tea growers, pluckers and drinkers around the world.


Jeni's presentation will cover the connection between art and tea, but she'll be available throughout the seminar to field any questions you might have on Nepalese tea, Kansas' Jayhawk basketball team or her extraordinary travels.


Annemieke Mulders


Winner of the AUSTCS 2018 Ceramic Cup Competition, ceramicist Annemieke Mulders first became interested in art when she was studying in Delft, The Netherlands, home to the famous blue and white glazed Delftware pottery. Ironically, however, she was studying science at university at the time.


Her creative streak followed her to Australia where she took a job in Canberra and picked up skills as a potter. She is now based in Western Australia where she specialises in glaze.


We will be drinking from her cups during our opening ceremony, 'Welcome by Tea', and Annemieke will be talking more about her process and consideration behind making a good teacup.

Official 2018 Photographer

Chloe Holliday

Chloe Holliday is a creative individual with a background in graphic design and photography. After completing her graphic design degree, Chloe went back to her roots to follow her lifelong passion for photography.


From humble beginnings shooting nature and landscapes, Chloe has progressed to portraiture and event photography. Her creative background provides her with a unique outlook that allows her to capture beautiful, timeless and intriguing photographs.


Chloe is the official event photographer for AUSTCS 2018.

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