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Become a
Business Donor

The Australian Tea Cultural Society (AUSTCS) is an Australian registered not-for-profit and charitable organisation*.

Unlike similar organisations overseas, AUSTCS receives no external funding from government or industry, hence the financial viability of AUSTCS depends on your generous donations to enable the organisation to survive, continue and grow.

Becoming a Business Donor, is a great way to support, encourage and invest in an organisation that supports and promotes your industry. Your donations will help AUSTCS achieve its goals, some of which are:

  • Create conversation, investigation, and development to promote a distinctive Australian tea culture at a local and international level.

  • Bring together the Australian tea community and through the seminar's provide a platform for comprehensive discussion, collaboration, and innovation for the promotion of tea and tisane in Australia.

  • Encourage sound and respected education around all facets of tea and tisane.

Who are the Australian Tea Community  

The Australian tea community is made up of tea enthusiasts, tea businesses, growers and producers, members of the hospitality industry, representatives from the education sector and those from the traditional and alternative health professionals. In fact, it is anyone and everyone who believes in a vibrant future for tea consumption  in Austrlia 

Why Become a AUSTCS Business Donor

When we talk about tea in Australia, it can mean a wide range of products. From our traditional black teas, green teas, oolongs and white teas, all produced from the Camellia sinesis leaves. We also enjoy a vast range of flavoured teas, as well as herbal and fruit infusions(tisane), and we are quite happy to refer to them all as tea.

No matter what your tea business style, or the tea related products you sell, AUSTCS is your only representative body in Australia at the present time. Your commitment to financially supporting this representative body is good for business, and good for the tea industry as a whole. AUSTCS can provide focus on subjects like – communication with Federal and State Government, International relations with other tea producing and consuming countries, building of community awareness and provide space for tea business people to meet and network. All these conversations are important and help progress tea and tea culture in Australia.

So, if we may turn the question around –

Why would you not become an AUSTCS Business Donor?


After all, donations or financial support of an organisation which represents your business industry can be offset as a business expense against tax liabilities. Please seek professional advice from your financial advisor, which would be applicable to your business on this subject.

Also supporting financially, the body, which is building awareness around tea, in all its forms is the right thing to do, for a well-run and operated business. It’s an investment in to building your customer base for the future. 


If you would like to support AUSTCS by means of a combination of donor funds and goods/services in-kind.

Then please contact and we can start a discussion on how this could be achieved to be beneficial for both your business and AUSTCS.

 * AUSTCS is recognised as a charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC), the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and

the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


Donation options through PayPal  


Your donation can help preserve and promote tea culture!

At the Australian Tea Cultural Society, we are passionate about preserving and promoting the rich history and traditions of tea culture. Through our events, workshops, and educational programs, we aim to share our love of tea with the wider community and inspire a greater appreciation for this timeless beverage.

But we can't do it alone. Your donation can help us continue our work and ensure that future generations can enjoy the pleasures of tea culture.

How to make a donation:

To make a donation, simply click on the PayPal button below. You will be taken to the PayPal website, where you can choose the amount you would like to donate and complete your payment.

Thank you from AUSTCS

Now that you have chosen AUSTCS, as a charity worthy of your donation. We want to say, “Thank You”.

We would like to offer you a range of donor benefits, by way of saying thank you for choosing AUSTCS and allowing this unique organisation to survive, continue and grow. These benefits include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Opportunity to become a AUSTCS Member – default to member.

  • Request AUSTCS [year] Supporter logo for use.

  • 10% discount off AUSTCS own events.

  • Educational newsletter (optional).

  • Invites to online lectures (when available).

  • Access to publications or papers (when available).

  • Supporting Australia’s lead tea body.

  • Business networking

  • Your business logo with your business website linked, and displayed on AUSTCS business donors page (new).


Become an AUSTCS Fundraiser!

Another way to assist AUSTCS is by becoming a Fundraiser!

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