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The Seminar

The Australian Tea Cultural Society (AUSTCS) is foremost a meeting point for tea lovers ­– industry professionals, educators and enthusiasts alike – to seek to answer questions such as:


  • Does a tea culture already exist in Australia?

    • If 'yes', what is it? How can we grow it?

    • If 'no', then are we mature enough to create a genuine and recognisable Australian tea culture? From which foundations?

  • From what other tea cultural influences?

  • How can Australian tea lovers support fellow Australians to experience the best this beverage has to offer?

  • How do we help members of the Australian community to understand the benefits of tea from a health perspective?

  • How do we encourage tea education to flourish from school and beyond?


During the seminar, a community of tea lovers will hear from specialists who have relevant experience and expertise in different realms and begin a discussion on what tea culture in Australia looks like and how we can grow it for the benefit of the tea-loving community.

The seminar also gives a chance to meet like minded people, network or simply enjoy sharing tea. 

Past Seminars

Canberra 2017


Hobart 2019

The Old Woolstore.jpg

Virtual 2021

2021 Cups.png

Melbourne 2018


Virtual 2020

Virtual Image.png

Sydney 2022

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