The Seminar

The Australian Tea Cultural Society (AUSTCS) is foremost a meeting point for tea lovers ­– industry professionals, educators and enthusiasts alike – to seek to answer questions such as:


  • Does a tea culture already exist in Australia?

    • If 'yes', what is it? How can we grow it?

    • If 'no', then are we mature enough to create a genuine and recognisable Australian tea culture? From which foundations?

  • From what other tea cultural influences?

  • How can Australian tea lovers support fellow Australians to experience the best this beverage has to offer?

  • How do we help members of the Australian community to understand the benefits of tea from a health perspective?

  • How do we encourage tea education to flourish from school and beyond?


During the two-day event, a community of tea lovers will hear from specialists who have relevant experience and expertise in different realms and begin a discussion on what tea culture in Australia looks like and how we can grow it for the benefit of the tea-loving community.

Past Seminars