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2022  Australian Tea
Cultural Fair & Seminar

Committed to Culture & Community 
After two years of virtual seminars, AUSTCS returns with an in-person community-focused event bringing together arts, culture and quality tea with the Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar


The 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar

The Australian Tea Cultural Society presents our sixth annual seminar, celebrating a return to in-person community-building after two years of virtual events driven by pandemic isolation measures.

The TEAm is proud to announce a new-look event that blends a commercial, cultural and educational tea fair with members’ favourite seminar segments.


8–9 October 2022



Formerly the Rozelle Tram Depot, the Tramsheds complex is located in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Forest Lodge near the Glebe Foreshore. The complex is home to a quality selection of eateries and the Harold Park Community Hall, where we will hold our event over the two days.


How to get there:

  • The Tramsheds is next to the Jubilee Park light rail station.

  • Buses also stop along nearby Maxwell Road and The Crescent.

  • Car parking is available at the complex with two hours free.



  • Ramp access from Jubilee Park light rail station.

  • Lift access within the Tramsheds complex.

  • Accessible toilets on Level 1.

Whats on


DAY 1: Saturday 8 October 2022

TEA FAIR (9am – 4pm)

  • tea and tea-related stalls

  • Country Women's Association (CWA) serving scones with jam & cream 

  • Presentation room for tea education and information sessions

  • Main stage for tea ceremony demonstrations and entertainment

Free to enter, however tea sampling and attending presentations is ticketed; you will need to purchase a Fair T&P Pack.


Who are the Stall Holders?

CWA logo.jpg
FineInfusions_Main-Logo_signature v1_outook.png
Sakucha Logo Black - Copy.png
背景透過 - Copy.png
GOOD 4 PLANET_500x500px.png
Logo Jpeg.png
DNT_logo - Copy.jpg
2022 Logo.jpg
Logo Black.png

What is a T&P Pack?

The Fair T&P (taste & presentation) Pack contains:

  • A Fair T&P voucher card containing 5 vouchers

  • A ceramic tasting cup

  • An AUSTCS reusable tote bag

  • Official Sponsors tea gift 

You can redeem your vouchers in any combination for tasting samples or attending presentations. Tastings are provided by the stallholders; presentations are held in the Presentation Room.

You can purchase any number of extra cards should you wish to enjoy additional samples or presentations. They are transferable, so you can share them with your friends too.


What’s the benefit of pre-purchasing a T&P Pack?

Due to the limited capacity at the venue, numbers will be restricted on the day. Pre-purchasing will ensure you don’t miss out on a pack.


DAY 2: Sunday 9 October 2022

SEMINAR (10am – 4pm)

  • Ceramic cup presentation

  • Welcome by Tea

  • Tea roundtables

  • Panel discussion

2022 Seminar Schedule

10.00     Welcome address

10.30     Welcome by Tea, including the unboxing of the 2022 cup

11.00     Presentation by Angie Russi, 2022 Ceramic Cup Winner

11.30     Roundtable discussion: Australian Tea Awards

12.30     Lunch break

1.30       Panel: Mental Health and Tea

3.00       Roundtable discussion: International Tea Day

4.00       Seminar closes

Those who have attended our previous face-to-face seminars in Canberra, Melbourne or Hobart know a little of what to expect. This year we have taken the best of previous seminars and added more discussion time with fewer presentations. Light refreshments will be available with a lunch period provided for members to find their preferred cuisine across the many choices of eateries within the Tramsheds complex.

What is the ceramic cup presentation?

Every year since 2018, AUSTCS has run a Ceramic Cup Competition in conjunction with the Australian Ceramics Association. After judging entries, we commission the winning ceramicist to make bespoke cups for our event. This session includes the unboxing of your very own handmade teacup and a presentation by the winning potter, who will give you the background to your cup, the design process, its significance, and its production.

What is Welcome by Tea?

Welcome by Tea is a ceremony of sorts, extending hospitality to members in the room. Each table will be hosted by a Volunteer Tea Brewer who will serve their favourite teas to members at their table. It’s a very personal interaction between the brewer and their guests, sharing information on the brew, its significance to the brewer and any other bits of information they wish to share. All this while collectively enjoying each beautiful infusion.

What happens at the tea roundtables?

This is where you can have your say on the future of AUSTCS and its activities. This year, there will be two main topics of conversation:

  • The proposed formation of the Australian Tea Awards

  • International Tea Day and its place in Australia


What is the panel discussion?

We invite a panel of expert speakers to discuss a tea- or industry-related topic. In the past we have had: Tasmanian producers talk about the role of place in their brands; a panel of tea growers discuss the future of Australian tea production; and representatives from food brands explain the role of innovation in their businesses.

This year we will be investigating the connection between tea and mental health. The panel on Mental Health and Tea will feature MOOD Tea’s Kate Holland, Buddhist nun Venerable Juefang and academic and psychotherapist Amanda Ting, who will explore the connection between tea and mental health from a physiological, social and spiritual perspective.

Kate Holland - Copy.jpeg

Kate Holland

Kate Holland is the marketing manager for MOOD Tea, the social enterprise for the media, marketing and creative industry that is helping save lives, one cup at a time. She is also the co-chair of the Mentally Healthy Change Group, a volunteer group working to smash the stigma around mental health the industry. Kate has a Certificate IV in Mental Health and is passionate about improving the mental wellbeing of Australians.

Venerable Juefang.jpg

Venerable Juefang

Venerable Juefang is a resident nun at Nan Tien Temple and general manager of the Hsing Yun Education Foundation. She has taught Buddhist communities face-to-face and online for more than 20 years in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. Her PhD research at China’s Peking University involves the application of The Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna as an educational theory.

Amanda Ting.JPG

Amanda Ting

Amanda Ting is a senior learning facilitator in hospitality at the Blue Mountains International Management School (Torrens University Australia) and a practising psychotherapist. Growing up across Canada and Malaysia, Amanda takes a cross-cultural approach to understand the foundations of psychological perspectives, behaviours, and social connections. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Public Health (Mental Health).

Why should I pre-purchase my ticket?

The seminar on Day 2 is a ticketed event with highly restricted numbers. See below for further details.

DAY 3: Sunday 30 October 2022


Active AUSTCS members will be invited to attend the 2022 AUSTCS Annual General Meeting (AGM). This virtual AGM will give members their chance to actively vote on the business aspects of the organisation, which offers guidance to the managing TEAm with regard to the future direction of the Society.


An opportunity for those who are unable to attend the face-to-face Fair & Seminar in Sydney to catch up with a virtual replay of the two days. The presentation will comprise edited highlights, recorded presentations and snippets of the Fair and Seminar.

This is a FREE event, but bookings are required for the virtual showing. Details will be released after the Fair & Seminar but if you have any questions or would like to book in for the Fair & Seminar Replay, then please email David Lyons - .



Entry to the Fair is FREE if you would like to browse and buy.


Fair T&P Pack – $10

For sampling and attending presentations.

  • A Fair voucher card containing 5 vouchers

  • A ceramic tasting cup

  • An AUSTCS reusable tote bag

  • Sponsors Tea Gift

Online Ticket Sales Now Closed. T&P Packs can be purchased at the door (no cash sales).

Fair T&P Extras Voucher Card

For those who have already bought the T&P Pack, this voucher card allows you a further 5 vouchers to try samples and attend presentations.

Extra T&P Voucher Card $3.50

Online Ticket Sales Now Closed. Fair T&P Extra Voucher  can be purchased at the door (no cash sales).


Full Fair & Seminar Package - $150

This package includes:

  • Access to Day 1 with a Fair T&P Pack (see above) so you can enjoy and get involved in the Fair.

  • Access to Day 2 with a Seminar delegate pass (including Welcome by Tea and light refreshments)

  • Handmade AUSTCS 2022 cup

  • Official seminar program

  • 2022/23 annual AUSTCS membership

  • Access to AUSTCS member benefits

  • 2022/23 voting rights at the AGM, including participation in the TEAm.

If you are a current AUSTCS member you are eligible for a member’s discount; please contact us if you have not already received your offer via email.



MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png


Nerada Tea is the Official Sponsor of the Australian Tea Cultural Society’s 2022 Tea Fair & Seminar, Sydney.

AUSTCS is honoured to partner with Nerada Tea, the largest producer of Australian-grown tea, for its 2022 Tea Fair & Seminar, Sydney.

Nerada produces more than 1.5 million kilograms of black tea, grown on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. It was the first Australian tea business to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, which indicates that Nerada’s farm has been audited to meet environmental, social and economic sustainability standards.

Nerada Tea's mission is simple: to produce Australia’s freshest, finest and most sustainable tea. Depending on the season, Nerada Tea can travel from crop to cup in as little as four weeks, placing it among the world's freshest.

In 15 years, the Nerada Tea range has grown from five products to 85, extending its offering from black tea to green tea, white tea and a range of infusions.

The Nerada story is closely intertwined with the history of the first tea plants in Australia, which arrived in the late 19th century. In 1882, the Cutten brothers – James, Herbert, Leonard and Sidney – arrived in Bingil Bay, a beautiful, lush tropical area that looked to be the perfect place to establish Australia’s first commercial tea plantation. Unfortunately, within a few years, nature destroyed the crop with a cyclone and the site was abandoned.

Fast forward to the 1950s when Dr Allan Maruff – on an expedition to discover the lost tea plants – found them thriving deep in the rainforest. In an effort to foster an Australian-grown tea industry, Maruff gathered and planted some of the seedlings on 130 hectares of land in the Nerada Valley. In the decades following, this plantation became Nerada Tea.

Today, this proud Australian tea company enters a new era in its community engagement by becoming the Major Sponsor of the 2022 AUSTCS Tea Fair & Seminar. Nerada Tea’s generosity means AUSTCS can present its annual tea community event and continue to promote quality tea, its consumption and culture, here in Australia.



“When steeping tea, water is the key contributor.” So wrote Ming Yu Xiong in his 1608CE treatise  A Record of Tea in the Township of Luo Jie.

Ming is not alone in his assessment. Tea sage Lu Yu, in his famous handbook The Classic of Tea, spends a number of words evaluating the different attributes of a range of water sources, from wells to springs.

The quality of water and its contribution to a good cup of tea cannot be understated and it is as important today as it has been throughout the ages. AUSTCS is therefore pleased to announce the support of BRITA, which will be supplying us with filters to be used at the 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar in Sydney. 

BRITA’s vision is to change the way people drink water sustainably. A German brand with more than 50 years’ experience in water filtration expertise, BRITA has an extensive range of products that help unlock the full flavour of the teas we brew. For tea lovers, this promise means we can make our tea with better quality fresh water in an affordable and accessible manner.

All hot teas sampled and enjoyed at the 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar will be brewed with BRITA filtered water. 

Find out more about how BRITA water can improve the taste of tea.

HARIO logo.png


Watching tea leaves unfurl in a teapot as they steep is one of life’s simple pleasures. For more than a century, HARIO has produced quality glassware that allows us to witness this integral part of tea making.

AUSTCS is pleased to announce the support of HARIO for our 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar in Sydney. HARIO has supplied us with teapots to be used during our tea game at the Fair; vessels to be used for the Welcome by Tea ceremony at our Seminar; and also prizes to be awarded during this weekend that celebrates tea culture.

HARIO was founded in 1921 as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware. Later, the same heatproof glass became an integral part of its range of tea and coffee accessories, opening up a whole new market. Its range of teapots, cold brew bottles, cups and other tea items are much loved by individual tea drinkers and discerning tea venues alike.

Over the last hundred years HARIO has crafted award-winning functional and stylish products. Its innovative designs – such as the Mizudashi cold brew tea bottle and Largo tea dripper – will ensure it will be cherished for the next hundred years.



Yes, it’s tea. But not as you know it.

East Forged is a new style of iced tea crafted by tea specialists Kym Cooper and Tania Stacey. The innovative duo uses cold brew methods and nitrogen to create a refreshing tea drink with a creamy mouthfeel that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

AUSTCS is incredibly pleased to welcome East Forged on board as a Supporter for the 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar in Sydney, particularly in recognition of the long relationship AUSTCS has had with the pair since our inaugural year.

Made in Sydney at an independent craft brewery, East Forged beverages use tea leaves sourced directly from tea farmers in Australia, China and Japan for freshness and quality. The iced tea contains no added sugar, sweeteners, colourings or flavours, but instead uses natural fruit juices, which are fun and unique.

The award-winning brand has three flavours on offer: Black Tea & Yuzu; White Tea & Calamansi; and Green Tea & Pitaya, bringing a whole new experience for those seeking a brew with a difference.

At the Fair, East Forged will be offering tastings at its stall; at the Seminar, delegates will have the pleasure enjoying East Forged brews as part of the day’s refreshments.


AUSTCS has from the very start, believed tea culture is made-up of so many differing aspects. 

At this the 1st Australian Tea Cultural Fair, AUSTCS is proud to present live and for FREE, a selection of the arts - ceremony, music and poetry.



Time                  Performer

9.30–10.00        Wendy Soen Lin,  Japanese tea practitioner

10.20–10.40      Genevieve Murphy,  poet

11.00–11.40      George Meng,  guqin player

11.50–12.10      Genevieve Murphy, poet

12.30–1.10        Adam Fenech,  flautist

1.20–1.40          Dany Hatem,  poet

2.00–2.40          Rosco Brain,  singer-songwriter

2.50–3.10          Dany Hatem,  poet

3.10–4.00          Kent Steedman,  musician

Wendy Lin.jpeg

Wendy Soen Lin 

Japanese tea ceremony, 9.30am

Wendy Lin has been an Urasenke tea practitioner for 15 years. In 2010, the former engineer left her job to pursue full-time study of The Way of Tea at the Urasenke Gakuen Professional College of Chado in Kyoto. In 2020 she received her Chamei (tea name), Soen, which is bestowed to advanced practitioners by the school’s grand tea master. She currently teaches Urasenke style of tea at her Sydney tea room, Waseian. In 2017 she became the first chado practitioner to serve matcha on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Genevieve Murphy.jpg

Genevieve Murphy  

Poetry, 10.20am & 11.50am

Genevieve Murphy is a visual artist and poet. She is the founder of Pilgrim Girl Poetry and is a self-professed ‘word nerd’.  Genevieve relishes writing poems using a vintage typewriter. “The process is spontaneous, tactile and playful and feels true to my Irish roots.” She can be found at local markets and events keeping the gift of the gab alive and well. Her signature colour is pink.

George Meng.jpeg

George Meng

Guqin, 11am
An enthusiast of traditional Chinese music since young, George Meng taught himself to play the xiao (Chinese vertical flute) and studied qin (Chinese zither) under the famous Zhe School qin performer JinWei. His repertoire has developed through ChenChangLin, a Minnan Qin School music pioneer and cultural heir, and Master Hu of Guangling School. He has a guqin space in Parramatta.

Adam Fenech.jpeg

Adam Fenech

Flute, 12.30pm
Adam Fenech is a flutist, light painter and tea enthusiast from Canberra whose musical influences come from his time in various concert bands, jazz jams and folk sessions across the world over the last 16 years.


Dany M Hatem

Poetry, 1.20pm & 2.50pm

Born and raised in Sydney, Dany M Hatem is a mother, writer and a devoted drinker of tea. She is the author of Flowers of Poesy: Eighth Day (2020), a collection of prose/poetry, which features the piece 'Two', which appeared in the 2021 NSW Trial HSC.

Rosco Brain.jpg

Rosco Brain

Guitar & poetry, 2pm
Rosco Brain is quick with a dad joke, a witty singer-songwriter and an occasional performance poet. He can entertain and sometimes surprise you with quirky folk songs, jokes and poetry, and has an uncanny knack for distilling deep topics, and making magic out of the mundane.

Kent Steedman.jpg

Kent Steedman

Guitar, from 3pm

Kent Steedman is a guitarist best known for his career with the Celibate Rifles, now with alt-rock band band Radio KSG and percussive troupe Modern Gong Ritual. He is also a tea and healing arts practitioner. 



If you are visiting Sydney for the 2022 Australian Tea Cultural Fair & Seminar, from interstate or other parts of NSW. You may have time on your hands and would like other things to do while in Sydney. Here's a few ideas.

What to do in Sydney
Friday 7 October
6–7pm: A private viewing of the Sydney Teapot Show and a good way to meet some other
AUSTCS members and associates.
At Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 49-51 King Street, Newtown (
If you can’t make it on Friday evening, the show is also open 7 days a week until 16 October.

Thursday 6 October
5.30–7pm: Poetry Connections, a monthly poetry night featuring themed work. October will
cover mental health for Mental Health Month.
At Miss Celie's
15-17 Hercules Street, Ashfield
6–8pm: Poetica Petit, a monthly poetry night with a feature poet and musician followed by an
open mic section.
At Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf
548 New South Head Road, Double Bay
Tuesday 11 October
6–10pm: Poetry Night, including readings by invited poets, followed by an open mic section.
At Sappho Bar
51 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

For tea
Ms.Cattea Tea Bar
At 17/1-21 Darlinghurst Road
Potts Point

For art
Sydney Teapot Show
At Kerrie Lowe Gallery
49-51 King Street, Newtown
Day By Day: Korean Ceramics in Daily Life
At the Korean Cultural Centre

255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney
I Loved You
At White Rabbit Gallery
30 Balfour Street, Chippendale

For retail
Simply Native Japan
At 380 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

I have questions about the Fair, how do I find out more?

For more information contact David Lyons


Ceramic Cup Competition

The 2022 seminar also marks the Fifth round of our now world-famous Ceramic Cup Competition.

The competition complements our ritual of ‘Welcome by Tea’ while developing a relationship with the ceramics community through a partnership with the Australian Ceramics Association.

From early 2022, Australian potters will be invited to submit a teacup for judging, with the winning ceramicist to be commissioned to produce the AUSTCS cup for 2022.


Our previous AUSTCS Ceramic Cup Competition winners have been Annemieke Mulder in 2018, Minna Graham in 2019 and Christopher Plumridge in 2020. Are you up for the challenge?

Keep an eye out on our social channels for the commencement of the competition and check out the Cup Competition Page for details. 

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