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2023  Australian Tea
Cultural Seminar

Committed to Culture & Community 

Image: Courtesy of Brisbane Council

AUSTCS welcomes you to

The first seminar of the 2023 Tri-City series is Brisbane.

Australian Tea Cultural Seminar nominated city for 2020 and 2021. Brisbane as the nominated host city, unfortunately suffered the fate of so many venues during the pandemic restrictions.


The city's AUSTCS TEAm members are so excited to show what Brisbane can do in 2023.


Each Tri-City Seminar has the same core content, with an additional unique

local segment to add individuality to its seminar.


Sunday 10th September 2023

Seminar 10.00am until 3.00pm

Emporium 3.00pm until 4.30pm

Open from 9.30am until 4.30pm full day


Brisbane Seminar 

Northgate Hall

Cnr of Scott & Ridge Street


QLD 4013   


Northgate Hall


The Northgate Hall nestles comfortably in the suburb of Northgate,

on Brisbane's Northern side of the city.

This beautiful heritage listed building is only a short two minute walk from Northgate Train Station. 

 The building offers us a range of multi-use areas and has excellent facilities for use 

on the day of the Brisbane Seminar.

How To Get There?

  • Train: . A number of train lines from around Brisbane can be used for Northgate Station, which is only 53m from the hall. These are: CLEV Line, REDC Line, SHOR line and SPRI Line.

  • Bus: There are a number of bus routes which will take you close to Northgate Hall, look for stops at Nundah North or on Sandgate Rd.   

  • Car: There is no parking facilities at the venue, but street parking is available.


  • 9.30: Doors Open

  • 10.00: Seminar commences and opening address

  • 10.15: The Ceramic Cup Presentation by the 2023 winning potter, opening of the cups followed by the first Welcome by Tea

  • 11.00: AUSTCS update followed by second Welcome by Tea

  • 12.00 noon: 30-minute break for lunch

  • 12.30: International Presentation by CCCFNA with Live Q&A from China

  • 1.15: Third Welcome by Tea (final session)

  • 1.35: Tea, Health & Meditation Workshops

  • 2.40: Closing address

  • 3.00: Volunteer Tea Brewers' Emporium opens

  • 4.30: Volunteer Tea Brewers' Emporium closes

  • 4.30: 2023 Brisbane Seminar ends


The Brisbane Seminar will host two separate workshops connected to tea, health and meditation,
which both show the harmonious connection between tea and wellbeing.

You choose which workshop you wish to attend. 

  • Ayurvedic Teaology with Fehreen Ali, owner of Tea Coup

  • Sound Healing with Becky English, owner of Soul Significance

Becky English - Tea.jpg
Capture Soul Significance.JPG
Becky English 

Becky loves to drink and say Lapsang Souchong and, as a sound & energy healer, has the tools to structure water for a healing cup.

Her business, Soul Significance, hosts group sound baths and wellness workshops around Brisbane that are uniquely curated to enable your own self-healing.

Becky is a qualified life coach, nlp practitioner, and hypnotist offering 1:1 coaching and healing globally online.

Fehreen Ali Profile.PNG
Fehreen Ali 

In 2010 Fehreen established Tea Coup as a haven for tea enthusiasts seeking to experience the transformative benefits of

Ayurvedic botanicals and tea rituals.

As an Ayurvedic Teaologist, Fehreen has the ability to translate Ayurvedic concepts into practical and accessible information, making the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda relevant and applicable to modern day living.

Fehreens experience has gained great respect within the wellness sector, and her tea blends have built a loyal following with customers.

Become a Volunteer
Tea Brewer 

'Welcome by Tea' has been a ritual showcased at the Australian Tea Cultural Seminar since its very beginnings at the Canberra Seminar in 2017. For many the ritual has certainly become a favourite part of the seminar program. It gives those partaking a chance to sip, listen and learn about a beautiful tea,

while getting to know fellow delegates.


This much-loved ritual would however not be possible without the Volunteer Tea Brewers. The brewers choose, brew and share a tea which reflects them in some way. Maybe their business, their heritage, a favourite brew,

- the choice is up to the them.


At the Welcome by Tea sessions, the volunteer hosts brew their tea and share it with those around their table, while at the same time explaining why they chose the tea, how they are brewing the tea and how to best enjoy the tea.

The brewers bring along their own tea enough for three Welcome by Tea sessions,- and their preferred brewing equipment and accessories. AUSTCS will arrange hot water, which is delivered to the table in sealed thermos jugs for safety. The water used by AUSTCS will be filtered and heated. No cups are required, as the delegates will use their own 2023 AUSTCS ceramic cup, which will have been presented to them earlier. Prepare for six or seven delegates at each table per session. Delegates can change tables at various times.

Which is why we arrange three separate Welcome by Tea sessions.


Consider being one of the 2023 Volunteer Tea Brewers!


This year we are also offering our brewers a new opportunity in the form of an Emporium, which will give each host the chance to sell teas and some simple accessories at the end of the day in

a mini market stall experience.

To find out more about this unique opportunity, contact David Lyons at



Full Seminar Package - cost $90

This package includes:

  • All day access to the Brisbane seminar 

  • Handmade AUSTCS 2023 cup

  • Participate in the 'Welcome by Tea' ritual 

  • Official 2023 seminar program

  • Participate in one of the two workshops

  • AUSTCS membership

  • 2023/24 voting rights at the AGM, including participation in the TEAm.

If you are a current AUSTCS member/donor who is eligible for a member’s discount; please contact us if you have not already received your offer via email.

2023 Sponsor & Supporters

2023 Brisbane Supporter

East Forged on White.JPG

If you or your company would like to find out more about becoming 

a 2023 Sponsor of this event or you would like to assist AUSTCS by supporting us in presenting this event.

Please contact David Lyons - 

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