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Frequently asked questions

Is AUSTCS mainly a business event?

No! AUSTCS is open to all members of the Australian tea community. We hope the event will be filled with a good cross-section of enthusiasts, tea businesses and members of the community who have a connection or passion to see the development of a recognisable Australian tea culture. Without tea enthusiasts, there is no tea community.

Can I pay for my tickets by credit card?

Yes! AUSTCS has opted to use PayPal as a secure online payment service provider. This does not mean you need to have or open a PayPal account. If you wish to pay by credit card simply follow the PayPal system. Select the number and style of ticket you require Enter your billing details Click ‘Pay Online Securely’ Choose the credit card you wish to use Enter country and card details Check billing details Checkout Alternatively, you can choose to pay direct from your PayPal account.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! At the moment we are focusing on finalising the program and ticket sales and then we will have a better idea of how many volunteers we need and how many we can take on (as we are restricted by room capacity). If you're interested in volunteering, drop me an email: adeline@austcs.org

What does my AUSTCS ticket cover?

Your AUSTCS ticket covers the two days of the seminar, including presentations on Saturdayand workshops on Sunday, as well as a buffet dinner on Saturday night, a buffet lunch on Sunday afternoon and all the tea breaks in between, of course.

How do I nominate a location for AUSTCS?

While voting for the location of AUSTCS is limited to the delegates attending AUSTCS the previous year, nominations are open to anyone. You can put forward a potential place and time for AUSTCS 2018 using this survey link.

Is the seminar tax deductible?

If you run a business with strong ties to tea, whether as an educator, wholesaler, retailer, hospitality business, or consultancy, you are more than likely eligible for a tax deduction for all expenses related to AUSTCS, including seminar ticket, accommodation, and travel expenses. When you paid for your ticket you will have received a Paypal invoice with our ABN details on it, which you can use to make your claim. If you are unable to locate this invoice we would be more than happy to reissue it. Please take a look at the Australian Tax Office website and consult your accountant for details of eligible tax deductions.

How does the host location vote work?

Once the nominations are in, we will shortlist the six most popular locations. On Sunday afternoon of the seminar, delegates will then rank from 1 to 6 their favourite to least favourite locations from the shortlist provided. We will then tally the votes and announce the winner. The time of year nominations will be taken into account by the AUSTCS TEAm when the host location has been confirmed.