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International Tea Day (ITD)
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On the 21st May, people around the world will celebrate the United Nations International Tea Day. 

This day has been created as part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and is led by the Food Agricultural Organization, with the aims of alleviating global poverty by 2030. The goal for International Tea Day is to create awareness around tea and the people who work within the industry, from ‘field to cup’.


In many tea-producing regions, people live below the UN’s acknowledged poverty line. However, tea also creates plenty of opportunities and employment, and can assist them in providing for their families. Without this work, and without fair paid employment, many would slip even further into destitution.

So, how can ITD help? By focusing on a keystone product that can change people’s lives and livelihoods, ITD brings awareness, to the aims of the 2030 Initiative, and acknowledges that recognition, respect and change can occur.

A great first step could be to find out the story behind the teas you purchase and drink. Buying, drinking and encouraging others to consider tea as part of their daily diet could be next. These simple steps can create employment and income for so many and make small but important changes to their and their families’ lives. Building your knowledge of the teas you drink by asking questions of the brand and manufacturer, can help build transparency and improve their workplaces, wages, working conditions, health and safety.  

This International Tea Day, the Australian Tea Cultural Society - (AUSTCS) encourages all Australian’s to get involved in an ITD Party. We are looking to register and share images and stories from as many tea parties as possible. Registering your ITD Party helps build awareness which is so incredibly important, and by sharing your story and images on social media you encourage others to think about and drink tea.

“Thank you” for taking the time to register your ITD Party with AUSTCS. 

If you have any questions regarding International Tea Day or the ITD Party, please contact David Lyons on 

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