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Partnering with

AUSTCS while recognising Our Values, aiming to achieve Our Mission and developing Our Vision. Can only grow through the connection, recognition, and development of relations with other like-minded or relative organisations.

Overtime, AUSTCS will partner with these organisations to build mutual understanding, interactions, and benefits for their members, and in AUSTCS case for the whole Australian tea community.


Partnering between organisations is not financial or legally documented but is a relationship which can by the two organisations working together for a common aim create a great good for both organisations and their members. Partnering which is weighted more in one direction is not a good partnering and will fail to satisfy one or both organisations. AUSTCS will strive to create good partnering!

Australian Ceramics Association

AUSTCS and the Australian Ceramics Association (ACA), partnered up back in late 2017. This was following the success of 2017 seminar and the wonderful response around the seminar ritual introduced in Canberra of “Welcome by Tea” Then Queensland Regional Ambassador Kym Cooper had the vision to create a connection between AUSTCS and the Australian ceramics community. In January 2018, the first AUSTCS Cup Competition was launched, inviting Australian potters to submit a cup for consideration as the 2018 AUSTCS Cup.


Being the leading representative body for potters all around Australia, it appeared logical to partner up with the ACA. Very quickly ACA Executive Officer at the time Vicki Grima, saw the mutual crossovers between the ceramic’s community and AUSTCS, and the advantages of partnering in this unique competition project. The ACA's magazine The Journal of Australian Ceramics has been able to reach out and explain the competition and the commissioning of a winning cup. Vicki was also of great assistance when it came to judging, offering her insights and experience to the novice AUSTCS judges.

Today, ACA Chief Executive Officer Debbie Pryor continues to maintain and build on the partnership.


This partnering to advance greater connections, understanding and development between our two communities has brought benefits to those potters entering the competition, to the winners of the competition through their commission and the promotional aspects of becoming the winner and of course to AUSTCS members who at each seminar have been gifted a unique collectable piece of Australian ceramic art.


Today, AUSTCS cups from the different years, have found homes with very passionate owners in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Japan, China and all-around Australia.


Australian Ceramics Association -

International Tea Culture Research & Training Centre

Education and the development of tea culture are two of the fundamental elements of AUSTCS. When the China Tea Science Society (CTSS) approached AUSTCS, in respect of a new project they were leading. The development of an International Tea Culture Research and Training Centre (ITCRTC). The centre would be a place of education, exchange and greater understanding of tea culture globally. AUSTCS was one of several organisations approached by CTSS to become involved in this development. The CTSS had created their list of possible partnering’s by researching each organisation and their aims, mission, values and approach to tea culture and tea education.


This partnering after some investigation appeared to fit comfortably with the AUSTCS Constitution, parts of which cover the development of tea and tea cultural education for our members and the greater Australian tea community.

The CTSS is an organisation of many years, originally formed in 1964 it is a national academic social organisation. It consists of over ten thousand members from tea science and technology, training and teaching, promotion, production, economy, trade and culture. The CTSS like AUSTCS aims to promote education in the field of tea, and in CTSS’s case tea science, supporting young tea science programs, editing, and publishing through their Journal of Tea Science and presenting awards for tea science and technology.


The development of the ITCRTC offers opportunities for members of the tea community to engage, research and exchange in an academic environment, specifically created for this form of International collaboration.


On the 2nd December 2020, the ITCRTC had its inaugural meeting. Unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions the meeting had to be held online. This however gave the opportunity for AUSTCS members to attend and be a part of this inaugural meeting. Over the coming years, we envision not only members of AUSTCS visiting the centre but Australian students of tea being able to exchange and study in this unique environment.    

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