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Become an AUSTCS Fundraiser

Make a Real Difference
Tea is regularly described as one of the greatest social conduits of the 20th century!

Creating a fundraising event for AUSTCS is a great way to support Australia’s only,
Not-for-profit and charitable organisation for tea.
At AUSTCS we would love to hear your creative ideas for a fundraising event.
Contact us and let’s talk about how AUSTCS can assist you to develop,
promote, and host your event idea.

Culture has been described as being the basis for the development
of sustainable community. Tea culture, ha
s already thousands of years in the making, and
has a vast array of different tea cultural aspects from many nations.

And so, a fundraising event could be a great way of bringing and allowing tea culture into
your community, while at the same time it could help to build or strengthen that community.
Remember a fundraising event can be as simple as a few friends, tea lovers or
relatives getting together!

Or as elaborate as your imagination, funds and skills can take you.
Its also great to make your event 
a social affair getting others involved to help and
be a part of the arranging and running of the event.

What is it they say “many hands make light of work”….
Your fundraiser might part of a school, business, group or even local council initiative
and so the creation 
of a team responsible for the event, might be a good way to go.
There are also individual State Government regulations and requirements around fundraising and what the funds raised are for. AUSTCS would certainly be happy to help navigate any regulatory forms or requirements require under your State Governments regulations.

Contact AUSTCS 
We are here to help you with your Fundraiser

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